Our Mission
Obtaining water in remote areas of the world is difficult enough. Ensuring that the water is safe is even more difficult. Crabtree Scientific has developed a simple and an ingenious system to deliver safe water to people economically. The Crabtree Scientific Safe Water System ensures that the water is safe to drink and to use. Crabtree Scientific has invested in developing the technology and has installed their Safe Water Systems in many villages in Guatemala over the past 2 years with amazing outcomes. We would like you to join us in putting more safe water systems in other remote areas as we expand around the world.

Brian Crabtree

Brian Crabtree is the founder of Crabtree Scientific and the laboratory coordinator for the Southeastern Minnesota Water Analysis Laboratory in Olmsted County. Brian studied Bio-Engineering at the University of Idaho, following graduate school he then went on to study brewing in Munich, Germany. Brian’s passion for public health and clean drinking water began with volunteer work in refugee camps. After witnessing the physical impact of contaminated drinking water Brian has developed water treatment systems that are now serving thousands of people in refugee camps around the world.