Pre-installation Assessment

The assessment is broken down into a several key categories. It begins with inspection of the water source and the current water system infrastructure. Included is a comprehensive water quality test (both chemical and microbiological). Site preparations including water source protection as well as repairs in the local infrastructure are completed as needed.

Community Involvement

Infrastructure repairs involve utilization of the local village members as this builds on system ownership and the sense of community. In villages with centrally located water tanks and faucets, our goal is to facilitate sinks on community latrines with appropriate gray water drainage. The community can accomplish these simple infrastructure improvements while the Safe Water System is being installed.


After the necessary infrastructure improvements, the Crabtree Scientific Controller is installed, calibrated and disinfectant concentration is field verified.


System ownership is complete when village elders and watermen are given hands on instruction in microbiological and chemical analysis. Each system includes testing supplies that demonstrate the water remains safe to drink. Local testing provides a source of pride for village elders as they can now show that their water is safe to drink.